Monday, February 6, 2012

Garage band.... saws

My friends in recovery tell me that the first thing you have to do is admit that you have a problem.  I'm something of a chaotic guy to begin with, but I seem to function pretty well considering.

My tool situation, however, has become completely unmanageable.  And it's a situation I've been powerless to correct.

I've got plenty of tools.  That's not the issue.  The problem for any resident of an old school ranch is storage & organization.  I own perhaps 40 screwdrivers.  Most days, I can't lay hands on a single one.  My dozen flashlights have been hidden by well-meaning spawn throughout the estate.  Finding a charged battery for a power tools is a quest worthy of Arthurian lore.

The garage has always been a problem area, and where my tools - theoretically - have been stored.  Trouble is, it's such a monstrosity that you can't FIND anything!  It's a perfect state of anarchy.

If you are lucky enough to actually find the tool you need, good lock finding a suitable workspace.  Every flat surface is covered with... stuff.

On top of that, the garage proper is home to everything that doesn't belong in the house.  Tools & household items are littered together throughout the space.  Perfect example.  I have a mini-cooler.

... full of calk.

In any event, I started the process of solving the problem last weekend.  Building a series of three closets, with a workbench in-between.  Workbench will also contain drawers for storage, and an old-school pegboard for the usual suspects.  Insulated spaces for the compressor & shop-vac for noise isolation.  for I have many other projects slated for this year, but I can't get started without a place to work.

behold the results after weekend number one:


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