Sunday, February 26, 2012

@#$@#$@#$$ Woodshed...

Spend the better part of the last three hours in the proverbial woodshed, trying to get my hands back.  Looking like the hands aren't the issue - it's the soul.

Keep going back to the same runs & fills I've been playing for the last twenty years.   No spark, no light... no hope.  At some point, do you just run out of things to say?

Sick & tired of hearing myself play.

Going to kick back and listen to Joe Bonamassa for a few hours and write.  Maybe it'll help, maybe it won't, but if I never hear another pentatonic run, it'll be too @#$@#$ soon.

In a related note, very happy with my new Hercules GSP38WB A/G Guitar Hanger.  Rugged as all hell, and hasn't dropped anything yet. 

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