Monday, February 6, 2012

Second weekend

Things went a great deal smoother the second weekend.  

As you can tell, I've still got a long way to go.  At this point, both main cabs are basically complete - structurally.  Still lacking cosmetics & doors.  Will likely wait until the build is complete to add shelving inside the units.

Will likely spend the balance of the week filling, sanding, painting & planning for next weekend's project:  the workbench.  The two 2x4's you see to the immediate left of the cabs will hold the pegboard (locking) above the workbench.  I've also just about decided to house the compressor & shop-vac in the leftmost cabinet.  That frees up the space under the bench for drawers, and makes implementing a lock mechanism significantly easier.

Had to shim everything about 1/2".  Turns out, the backs of garages are higher than the front, for obvious reasons.  Whole garage falls off about 4", moving left to right.

It's important to remember that the garage ISN'T the project.  I'm not building fine cabinets from rare mahogany --  I'm building a @#$@$@#$ workstation / storage unit.  This should end up tight & functional, pretty from the street, but damn the minute details.

The real project comes next.

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